St Andrew’s Church

Roker, Sunderland

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Sir Thomas Allen CBE

Opera singer and Chancellor of Durham University

Place of Worship
St Andrew’s Church
Solid and dignified, this is possibly one of the finest churches built in the first half of the Twentieth Century.
Roker, Sunderland SR6 9PT
Church of England
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A most beautiful example of great craftsmanship.

There are so many instances of the Arts and Crafts Movement in our country but the greater part of the work lies most strongly in southern counties. To walk into this very solid stone church in Sunderland and to examine the fine details of its construction is a rare Northern delight... good woodwork, decorative metalwork. Whether it’s a Morris carpet or small details of the door furniture the whole place is a most beautiful example of great craftsmanship. That it was commissioned by a local shipping man for that small parish speaks volumes about the community, which I believe exists to this day.

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