All Saints Church

Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire

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Very Rev Dr John Hall

Dean of Westminster

Place of Worship
All Saints Church
A warm church with a warm welcome in the village of Cuddesdon with links to nearby Ripon College Cuddesdon, a Theological College of the Church of England.
Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire OX44 9HD
Church of England
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Replete with the memory of the men and women preparing for Anglican ministry.

The small Oxfordshire village of Cuddesdon holds warm memories for me, since I was a student there preparing for the ordained ministry between 1973 and 1975. The Theological College was founded by a former Dean of Westminster, Samuel Wilberforce, in 1854 when he was Bishop of Oxford, near his episcopal Palace. All Saints, the village church, is beautiful and simple with a Norman arch but above all replete with the memory of the men and women preparing for the Anglican ministry over the past 160 years.

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