St Bride’s Church


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Joanna Lumley OBE FRGS

Actress, Writer and Broadcaster

Place of Worship
St Bride’s Church
Designed by Wren, St Brides is the spiritual home of the Media, where beautiful architecture, the power of the liturgy and the weight of history all meet.
London EC4Y 8AU
Church of England
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I love it.

The tiny graceful spire, like a precious sea-shell, rises among the clustering modern and Victorian buildings like a dream vision. This spire was the inspiration (exactly the right word) for tiered wedding cakes the world over. 300 years have taken their toll on this little gem designed by Sir Christopher Wren - and now there is an urgent appeal for funds to restore this beautiful landmark to its former glory. It is the church of Fleet Street, the newspaper world of London. I love it.

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