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Giles Coren

Restaurant Critic, Columnist and Television Presenter

Place of Worship
St Bride’s Church
Designed by Wren, St Brides is the spiritual home of the Media, where beautiful architecture, the power of the liturgy and the weight of history all meet.
London EC4Y 8AU
Church of England
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A holy and peaceful place for memories of the glory days of English newspapers.

I’ll nominate St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street. I got married at St Bride’s for a number of reasons: because it is beautiful, because it has the best choir in London, because it is the parish church of the journalistic trade that I ply, and because Sir Christopher Wren didn’t build synagogues. I continue to go there when I can, which is not often as I have a two year old daughter who simply won't keep quiet for a minute, let alone an hour and a half. It has the spire that inspired (literally!) the original tiered wedding cake, the Canon, David Meara, is a wise and comical fellow, and as Fleet Street goes over wholly to the grubby legal profession and journalism is killed off by the internet and Leveson, St Bride’s remains a holy and peaceful place for memories of the glory days of English newspapers to be remembered. Also, there’s a roof appeal going on at the moment which needs all the publicity it can.

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