St Mary Magdalene Church

Campsall, Yorkshire

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Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP

Leader of the Labour Party, 2010 –2015

Place of Worship
St Mary Magdalene Church
An ancient, peaceful parish church where legend has it that Robin Hood married Maid Marian!
Campsall, Yorkshire DN6 9AG
Church of England
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I am proud to have this church in my constituency.

I am pleased to nominate the Norman church of St Mary Magdalene in Campsall, Doncaster North, as part of the National Churches Trust’s 60th Anniversary celebrations. St Mary Magdalene is said to be the church were Robin Hood and Maid Marian were married. As strong believers in redistribution the people of Doncaster North are happy to reclaim his roots. I am proud to have this church in my constituency and wish the National Churches Trust a happy 60th anniversary.

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